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My I Series Tool Kit:
My I series Tool Kit consists of some really useful tools for the AS/400. These programs are mostly written in RPGLE and CL and compiled in IBMI v6.1. You can download the savefile ATOMTOOLS.SAVF. Then FTP it to the AS400 host and start using the utilities and tools. You find the detailed documentations of the tools in this page. There is also a link to download the various source files of my tool kit.

Download Link for My ToolKit: Download My ToolKit SAVF Here
Download Link for the Source Files: Download Sourcefiles Here
The utilities and tools you get in My toolkit are (Click the links to view the Documentation of the Tools):

1. My Query Tool for AS/400 (Click to Download Documentation)

My Query Tool is a SQLRPGLE program which provides a wide range of functionalities in SQL Queries and Reporting Domain in i/OS environment. It brings on table the best features of various available Query tools and also introduces its own very useful features which make it a very useful utility for a developer or a user. The various functions the tool can perform include:
  • Create and Run Queries to Create Reports.
  • Save Your Queries and Reports.
  • Send Your Queries and Reports to other Users on the same Host.
  • Email Your Queries and Reports.
  • Print Your Queries and Reports.
  • Download Your Reports to IFS in CSV format to be copied and worked upon in PC.
  • Pull Data Files from Remote system.
All the above features may be available in other Query Tools but what stands out is the ease with which you can do all of the above using this tool.

2. My Lock Management Tool (Click to Download Documentation)

The Lock Management Tool is a SQLRPGLE program which can run in both Interactive and Batch Mode to list all the active locks by active jobs on all records of all database files on the system. With Interactive Mode, we can work with the current active locks on the system and the Batch Mode is used for logging the locks and sending out email alerts. The program uses various iSeries APIs like QUSCRTUS (Create User Space), QUSRTVUS (Retrieve User Space), QUSLJOB (List Active Jobs), and QDBRJBRL (Retrieve Job Record Locks) etc to build the active locks on the system.
Interactive Mode Features:
  • The user is given the flexibility to select (on the fly) the subsystems whose jobs are to be scanned for locks. This makes the program work faster and is helpful when you are concerned with the subsystems you deal with and concerned about.
  • The user is given the flexibility to select (on the fly) the libraries whose files are to be monitored for locks.
  • The Result is a consolidated list displaying details like involved jobs, file, locked record number in the file, status of the job (Running, Message Wait, and Delay Wait etc) and whether the job is holding the  locked record or waiting for the locked record.
  • The user can work with the jobs displayed in the result list directly from this tool.
  • The user can view the locked record directly from the tool from the displayed list.
  • The user can work with the locks on the files in the displayed list.
  • The tool shows all the X/Open connections upon request.
Batch Mode Features:
  • The program runs itself after fixed intervals (set up value) if the time of run falls in the start time and end time range.
  • If Parameter Set, The program scans for the jobs in MSGW (in the subsystems set up in the tool for scanning) and sends email alerts.
  • The program logs the locks active on the files (in the libraries set up for scanning in the tool). All jobs in the subsystems set up for scanning in the tool are scanned for locks. It logs details like involved jobs, file, locked record number in the file, status of the job (Running, Message Wait, Delay Wait etc) and whether the job is holding the locked record or waiting for the locked record.
  • If Parameter Set, The program sends out email alerts if a lock is active for more than a “set up timeframe” in minutes.

3. My Job Tool (Click to Download Documentation)

The Job Tool is a SQLRPGLE program which uses the i-Series native APIs QUSLJOB, QUSRJOBI, QUSLSPL, QUSRSPLA etc to scan thru the jobs on the system to come up with the list of jobs fulfilling the user search criteria. Using the tool, you can search for jobs with one or more of the selection criteria given below:
  • Search Jobs with Wild Characters in Job Name search field. (Helpful in searching jobs triggered with dynamic job names or the jobs whose names follow a pattern).
  • Search Jobs with Wild Characters in User Name search field.
  • Search Jobs in a particular Status. (Helpful to Search jobs that are currently ACTIVE or in JOBQ or in MSGW or in LCKW or DSC etc status).
  • Search jobs in a particular subsystem.
  • Search jobs of particular type. (Batch or Interactive or Subsystem or Subsystem Monitor etc).
  • Search Jobs that were active in a given time range.
  • The tool also allows doing all the functions on the jobs that you can do from native WRKUSRJOB, WRKJOB, WRKSBMJOB, WRKACTJOB commands. Along with this, you can also download any spooled file from the job to your IFS folder.

4. Find Multiple Strings in Multiple Source Files (Click to download Documentation)
  • FINDSTRING is a IBMI utility to search multiple strings in multiple source files.
  • You can run the search in batch mode or Interactive mode.
  • The output results of the utility is stored in a database file and which can be saved  future reference and can be queried upon.
  • You can save your input search parameters for future reference as well.
  • It’s a very handy utility which helps you run a lot of scans for analysis purposes - All at one time which otherwise you would have had to run individually once for each string on each source file.

5. Get Spooled files - Download to IFS, Copy to PF or Send Email (Click to Download Documentation)

GETSPLF(Get Spooled File Utility) is a CL Program based on simple AS400 techniques for spooled files like copying spooled files to physical files(CPYSPLF), PC Stream Files(CPYTOSTMF), send Distribution(SNDDST) and the API QUSRSPLA to help you retrieve and access the spooled files on Your AS400. The various things you can do using this command are:
  • Save your spooled files to Physical Files.
  • Download spooled files to your IFS folder.
  • Email spooled files to any internet address.

6. My Instant Messanger Tool For AS/400 (Click to download Documentation)

My Instant Messenger tool is a SQLRPGLE application based on the logic of Data Queues and Display File Programming on the IBMI. The fundamental concept of the program is to have a display file with Data Queue option enabled on it. The program keeps waiting for an entry in the Data Queue and gets interrupted on the arrival of any entry in it. Each entry coming into the Queue has a Identifier and the program processes the entry based on this identifier. The entry can come to the Queue either from the display file of the same user or can be from any other user involved in the IM session. Every user has his own Data Queue and communications happen between the Display file, Data Queue and the program to create a live chat session. The main features of this IM Application include:
  • Multi-Person IM Sessions.
  • Ability to Save IM History.
  • Print Saved IMs.
  • Email Saved IMs to any internet email address.
  • Download saved IMs to the IFS.
  • Maintain Contacts List, organize into groups, view online contacts and invite to chat at group level.

7. My Clean Spooled Files Tool for AS/400 (Click to download Documentation)

The Clean Spooled Files (CLNSPLF) utility is a SQLRPGLE program to clean up your Out Queues based on various criteria and parameters. It’s a very flexible way of managing your spooled files based on Job, User, OUTQ, and Status etc. The job can be scheduled to run every night and this cleans up your spooled files based on the retention period set on various criteria stored in a physical file.

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